13 Jun E3 2017 - Nintendo Spotlight Recap

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Check out the highlights of this year's E3 Nintendo Spotlight!

Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch)

A new Fire Emblem game, titled Fire Emblem Warriors, was announced during the showcase. Fire Emblem heroes like Marth, Xander, Corrin, and others show up to tackle legions of soldiers and fierce monsters. The game is set to release Fall 2017.

Kirby (Nintendo Switch)

A new 2D Kirby platformer was announced during the Nintendo showcase. Kirby uses the copy abilities to use swords (looking like Link from Zelda), firepowers, and water powers as well as recruiting helpers. It was confirmed that three other players can jump in for co-op play. It is coming sometime in 2018.

Legend of Zelda: BOTW Expansions (Nintendo Switch and Wii U)

Two major expansions were announced for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The first is Master Trials, a DLC pack full of challenges as well as new armor pieces and a map trail feature. The second is the Champions Ballad, a DLC pack that features Mipha, Urbosa, Daruk, and Revali, who also piloted the Divine Beasts.  The first pack will release June 30th and the second will be Holiday 2017.

Metroid Prime 4 (Nintendo Switch)

In a surprise announcement, Nintendo revealed that they were working on a new Metroid Prime title, simply called Metroid Prime 4. However, no release date or other information were provided.

Rocket League

A Nintendo Switch port of Rocket League, the 2015 vehicular soccer game, was announced. With it coming to the Switch new exclusive Nintendo themed gear and cars are going to be included. It will also support cross-network play. It will release Holiday 2017.

Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

More footage of the upcoming Mario 3D Platformer, Super Mario Odyssey, was the closer of the showcase. It explored more of the actions Mario can do with his hat which includes taking over different enemies and objects including vehicles and NPC characters. The game is set to release October 27, 2017.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Nintendo Switch)

After the initial announcement in January 2017, the first gameplay trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was released at E3. You will experience the story of Rex and his friend Pyra who, known as a “Blade”, grants him powerful abilities, is searching for her long-lost home of Elysium.

Yoshi (Nintendo Switch)

After going through wool and yarn, a new Yoshi 3D platformer was announced and it is using the aesthetics of cardboard and paper. Simply titled Yoshi, it has the title character going through several obstacles and challenges. It is coming in 2018.


Also shown at the E3 Nintendo Treehouse Event

Marui & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions (Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo announced they are remaking 2003’s Mario & Luigi Superstar into Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions. Outside of a graphical update, the game will include a new mode that’ll have a squad of Goomba’s trying to save Bowser. It is slated for October 6, 2017.

Metroid: Samus Returns (Nintendo 3DS)

Along with Metroid Prime 4, a classic Metroid game was announced called Metroid: Samus Returns. It is slated to come for the 3DS on September 15, 2017.

Sonic Forces (Nintendo Switch)


Sonic is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Sonic Forces, a platformer that has both “classic” Sonic doing standard platforming and “modern” Sonic in action sequences. However, you will also craft your own custom Hero character that has multiple gadgets. The game is slated for Holiday 2017. 

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