09 Feb E3 Will Open its Doors to the Public in 2017

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Now you, too, can bask in the never-ending lines and body odor! Now you, too, can bask in the never-ending lines and body odor!

General admission tickets for the expo go up for sale Feb. 13th, but supplies are limited.

For the first time since the expo’s inception, E3 is opening its doors to everyone.

The Entertainment Software Association has announced that starting Feb. 13th, general admission tickets go up for sale, but those interested will need to hustle because supplies won't last for long. A total of just 15,000 tickets will be allotted to the general public, and the first 1,000 who purchase badges will receive theirs at a discounted price. The early birds will pay just $149 each, while the remaining 14,000 will have to shell out $249. All consumer attendees will be granted full access to the show floor, and the badges will work for all three days of the event.

However, the ESA still plans to maintain a media and business focus. Officials have stated that business pass owners will continue to receive special benefits that include a VIP lounge and an entrance designated for commercial use. It also encouraged notable Twitch streamers to register as media attendants for this year’s event.

E3 2017 is scheduled for June 13-15, and tickets for the Los Angeles based event will be available for purchase through E3’s official website.

Are you valiant enough to fight your way through hordes of neckbeards at E3’s first ever publicly accessible expo? Or are you content simply waiting for products from the showroom floor to hit store shelves? Let us know in the comments below!

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