15 Jun Kojima Productions Unveils New Project Titled Death Stranding

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What fresh new level of hell did you throw me into Hideo? What fresh new level of hell did you throw me into Hideo?

Come and see if you can decipher this weird trailer!

Six months after Hideo Kojima established his own independent studio, Kojima Productions, he is already showing off his new project. Appearing at the Sony E3 Press Conference, Kojima revealed that he is working on a new project called Death Stranding and showcased a teaser trailer.

Norman Reedus is motion captured as the main protagonist, lying naked along a sandy beach with dead wildlife and a wailing infant with a black umbilical cord attached. Reedus clings to it for awhile, but the infant disappears and black hand prints crawl off his body and onto the sand. At the end, he looks towards the ocean and sees 5 figures floating above a beach full of dead fish and whales.

Death Stranding has no release date but is slated for the PlayStation 4 and PC.  If you have any comments, leave them below.

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