28 Jun E3 2016 News Blast Catch Up

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Collecting the News from E3 2016. Collecting the News from E3 2016.

Running down the news posted about E3 that just recently went live.

Hey you Select Few. I am the editor of the news on the site as Jeff has his hands full with the rest of Rage Select. Our two hard working writers did a solid job of making E3 news content, and I let them and you down by not keeping pace. Charles Armstrong and Daniel L. Hood are the writers here providing you with these news posts. Here are the stories they did about games from this year's E3:

June 12th:

Titanfall 2's Single Player Campaign Trailer Features Sentient Giant Robots
New Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailers at E3 2016

June 13th:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Announced for PS4 & Xbox One
Bethesda and id Software Announce Quake: Champions
Xbox One S Announced for August, Price Starts at $300
Dishonored 2's First Gameplay Trailer Scratches Your Itch for Homicide
Ghost Recon: Wildlands Release Date and New Trailers
Recore's First Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

June 14th:

Spider-Man Game Made by Insomniac Announced for Playstation 4
The Last Guardian Will Be in Your Hands This October
Sony's New IP, Days Gone, Announced at E3 2016
Sea of Thieves New Gameplay Trailer
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Finally Has a Gameplay Trailer
God of War Being Rebooted, Gameplay Shows Older Kratos in Norse Setting

June 15th:

For Honor Continues to Show off Solid Gameplay in Campaign Mode Video
Kojima Productions Unveils New Project Titled Death Stranding
Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Proves It's Definitely a David Cage Game

This is volunteer work, and I am sure they would appreciate your star ratings and comments on their articles.

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