01 Feb Next Star Wars Battlefront Will Get Campaign Mode

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 A campaign mode will be added to the next installment of the Star Wars Battlefront series by DICE.

On the 31st January, Electronic Arts released information about the future of the Star Wars Battlefront series in a press release and Twitter. The biggest addition is the confirmation that the next Battlefront will indeed have a single player campaign. As well as this, players will be able to see more locations and, according to the official tweet, “play with heroes and characters from across multiple Star Wars eras.”

These will all be welcome additions, as lack of content was one of the biggest complaints with the recently revived Battlefront (2015). However, not much more than the fact the campaign will be included in the next game is known. There are no mentions of when the campaign will take place in the Star Wars universe, or whether the campaign will take places through multiple eras.

When Battlefront released, two of the most common complaints was with the gameplay which was more focused towards the casual player and lack of multiple maps. EA and DICE have said in they have taken in this feedback and other suggestions from fans, both on forums and social media pages. In doing this, they say it has helped to create a more authentic Star Wars experience.

Despite this, DICE has also said that there is no future Skirmish content planned for Battlefront, though they are now working in collaboration with studios Criterion and Motive to create the next Star Wars game. More information is in the pipeline, and will be shared later this year.

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