04 Aug Quake Champions Showcases Debut Gameplay Trailer

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Don't make me shove this purple orb down your throat! Don't make me shove this purple orb down your throat!

Prepare for your weapon sprees and becoming godlike.

Quake Champions, the next project from id Software, has debuted its first gameplay trailer at Quakecon 2016, and it is full of old-school death match action that made Quake famous. It uses the fast movement showcased in id’s previous game DOOM but with hilarious character animations, a colorful arsenal of weapons with different firing modes, and dynamic maps that force you into different directions. Even rocket jumps make a comeback.

As the title suggests, there are many characters to choose from, and they all have their own perks. Old classical Quake characters like Ranger and Visor will return, but new ones will appear like Anarki, a skirmisher that thrusts everywhere on a hover board. The studio stated there will be 12 featured in the closed beta (slated for 2017), but it is not stating how many will appear in the final release. 

While the DOOM multiplayer mode came with weapon loadouts, Quake Champions will not have them. "[There are] no loadouts, no limit to the amount of guns you can carry," id Software studio director Tim Willits said. "Time the weapon pickups, or kill your opponents. That's how you get weapons in a Quake game."

Quake Champions has no release date as of yet but is confirmed to be releasing on the PC initially. It will run at 120hz with unlocked framerates, and id Software is developing the game with multiple PC builds in mind. "We want to make sure that we have as many people as we possibly can," Willits said. "You'll be able to turn down your specs and get a decent game at lower-end. But we want to shine on good systems."

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