02 Aug Summer Games Returns to Overwatch

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Blizzard announces return of Summer Games seasonal event

In a recent developer update, Blizzard has announced the return of their first ever seasonal event, the Summer Games, to Overwatch.

The event first appeared last year, coinciding with the 2016 Rio Olympics, and was players first introduction to the seasonal event model that Blizzard has continued throughout the games run.

This year players will have the opportunity to pick up timed exclusive skins that they missed last year. Blizzard are dropping the in game currency price of last years skins with Legendary skins costing 1,000 credits, Epic skins costing 250 and Rare skins costing 75. As for the new releases, Legendary will cost 3,000, Epic 750, Rare 225 and Common 75.

Lucioball is also sent to make a comeback, and will feature a new stadium in Sydney.

Summer Games will return on PS4, Xbox One and PC from August 8 - 29.

It is great to see Blizzard bringing back old favorites and giving players the opportunity to pick up cosmetics they may have missed. What Overwatch event are you most looking forward to seeing again? Let us know in the comments.



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