Write on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 Published in Let's Play

OK, so a Reaper, a Moira, and a Genji walk into a Talon Base... no it's not a bad joke, it's Overwatch Retribution with Bryce and Jeff here on The Dojo!

Write on Sunday, 31 December 2017 Published in Let's Play

As 2017 comes to an end Amanda and Jeff are celebrating the only way they know how... by complaining about how no one is on the objective in Overwatch here on The Dojo!

Write on Tuesday, 29 August 2017 Published in News

Console players also finally get a report system

Write on Wednesday, 02 August 2017 Published in News

Blizzard announces return of Summer Games seasonal event

Write on Monday, 10 April 2017 Published in News

Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, discusses the hurdles with a port to the Switch.

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