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The Best of Rage Select 2019 - Part One

2020 is almost here and that means it's time for THE BEST OF RAGE SELECT 2019! We're starting our look back at the past year with a selection of the best videos starring everyone's favorite giant lizard avatar... MATT FRANK!

First up, Matt, Michael, and Jeff learn a lot about child rearing and carrying crap around as they check out the long awaited release of Death Stranding!

Next, Matt and Jeff find out that the bigger they are, the harder they KICK YOUR ASS as they play the surprisingly enjoyable Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2!

After that Matt and Jeff are cutting to the heart of the matter... and the legs of the matter... and the face of the matter as they check out Samurai Showdown!

The ants are marching one by one, but Matt and Jeff are wiping them out TON BY TON as they play Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain!

Matt and Jeff are going to get in shape or die trying... which is a very real possibility as they huff and puff their way through Ring Fit Adventure!

Finally, forget about checks and balances, Matt and Jeff are all about WRECKS AND MALICES as they blast their way through the utter insanity of Metal Wolf Chaos XD!

Thanks for taking a look back at some of our favorite videos of 2019 starring Matt Frank! Join us right here all this week for a look back at the best videos of 2019 with all of your favorite Rage Select co-hosts!

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