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The Best of Rage Select 2019 - Part Two

The New Year is almost upon us and the Best of Rage Select 2020 is ringing it in with a selection of our favorite videos from last year starring everyone's favorite co-host, Amanda!

First up, Amanda and Jeff are getting crafty AF as they fold, spindle, and mutilate their way into Yoshi's Crafted World!

Next, forget about the Monster Mash, Amanda and Jeff are heading to the Monster Prom for more romance, bigger crushes, and some great new characters!

What would 2019 be without at least one visit to everyone's favorite boob ninja academy in Senran Kagura in Burst Re:Newal!

What better way to celebrate 2019 than to remember that time when Amanda and Jeff shot stupid ass Hitler right in his stupid ass foot in Sniper Elite V2 Remastered!

Amanda and Jeff get in touch with their inner musicians as they sing a song of whimsy and delight in Wandersong!

Finally, how could we have a best of list without the single worst game that Amanda and Jeff played in 2019? Behold the shitty shitness of Samael Legacy of Ophiuchus!

Thanks for taking a look back at some of our favorite videos of 2019 starring Amanda! Join us right here all this week for more of the best videos of 2019 with all of your favorite Rage Select co-hosts!

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