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The Best of Rage Select 2019 - Part Six

It's the penultimate episode of The Best of Rage Select 2019 and today we're focusing on videos from THE Modern Rogue himself, Mr. Jason Murphy!

First up, it's a RAGEMAS MIRACLE as the wolf, the cat, the legend, Garfieldius returns in Jason and Jeff's video for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

Next, Jason and Jeff are making The Kessel Run in ELEVEN PARSECS as they take a look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order!

After that, Jeff introduces Jason to the complete and total bugnuts mythology of Mortal Kombat 11!

Finally, how could any list be complete without some Red Dead Redemption 2? So here, from the beginning, is a playlist with all SIXTY ONE EPISODES of RDR 2 that Jason and Jeff have played so far! Enjoy!

Thanks for taking a look back at some of our favorite videos of 2019 starring Jason Murphy! Join us right here all this week for more of the best videos of 2019 with all of your favorite Rage Select co-hosts!

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