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Rage Select Looks Different Today

Heya true believers, it's story time.

So yesterday I was getting the website all spruced up for our E3 2018 live stream coverage and I decided to do something apocalyptically stupid... I tried to change a thing. Specifically I tried to change that little menu at the top of the homepage so it wasn't there anymore. I thought "that's a nice change" and "nobody really uses that anyway". So I made the change and hit save...

and the site ceased to function. I kid you not. I have no idea what I did, how I did it, or (and this is the important thing) how I could undo it. What I did know was that after hitting that little save button the site looked and acted like total garbage. In fact, I think I managed to find one of the prototypes that we used when RS was first being made and then somehow overwrote everything with that one fucked up dumpster fire. Then, things got even worse...

Rage Select once Jeff is done "tweaking"

For about four hours I clicked and I Googled. I edited PHP and logged onto the back end. I updated modules and customized menus and when it was all said and done... I made things even worse. The site didn't just look like living shit now, but it also wouldn't display any video that wasn't an old episode of Sparkle Fandango with Allison and Grant. At that point I realized that this was beyond my ability to "fix", so I made a new plan.

That plan is what you see before your eyes today. I basically just made an account on Wix and cobbled together a super, super rudimentary version of Rage Select that we can use to watch all the fun announcements at E3. By the time you're reading this, the DNS info should have updated and you should be going here directly from Rage Select. Now here's the kicker, I don't know if this is a temporary change, or permanent.

turn and face the strange...

On the one hand, I could probably find someone to help me duct tape Rage Select back together again for the hundredth time. On the other hand, if I rebuild things myself I'll make it a priority to leave out the button that destroys everything and makes it so I have to stay up all night troubleshooting instead of PLAYING GODDAMN VIDEO GAMES!

Anyway, no comments section or Amazon links or anything yet, but at least we've got a stream and a dream so... see you at 11:00 PM PST for the start of E2 2018!


PS: The new site is here until I can figure out how to make the home button work. Sorry!

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Anjoli Owens
Anjoli Owens
09 juin 2018



Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell
09 juin 2018

Woohoo, E2 2018!!!

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