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The Best of Rage Select 2021 - Part Seven

It's the final day of The Best of Rage Select 2021 and that can mean only one thing... it's time for JEFF to pick his favorite videos of the last year for your viewing pleasure!

First up, Ratchet and Clank are BACK and Jeff couldn't be more excited to introduce Jason to one of his favorite franchises as they check out RIFT APART!

Next up, 2021 was a hell of a year for time loop games, but none may have been quite as disturbing as the intimate insanity of Twelve Minutes with Tessa and Jeff!

2021 was also the year that Jeff finally "got" Nier with a little help from everyone's favorite marble master Bryce as they played the inscrutably named ver1.22474487139... version right here on The Dojo!

Next, it didn't seem possible for Earth Defense Force to get EVEN MORE BIZARRE, but some how World Brothers found a way and Matt and Jeff are totally here for it!

Brian and Jeff aren't sure what's more terrifying, the ghosts and ghouls of Corpse Party, or the INSANE AMOUNT OF REDUNANT DIALGOUE!

Who says that you have to have a full friends list to play Miitopia? Certainly not Chris and Jeff as they create the most horrifying, star-studded "team" of all time right here on The Dojo!

Grass, grass, or grass nobody mows for free if Grant and Jeff have anything to say about it as they check out Lawn Mowing Simulator!

Sometimes you can tell everything you need to know about a game from the title... and that's certainly never been truer than in the case of An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs with Michael and Jeff!

After that, Amanda and Jeff have finally found the TRUE SPIRIT OF THE LONE STAR STATE and it seems to involve blasting aliens by the truckload in the delightfully cheesy Ground Zero: Texas!

Last, but certainly not least, no look back on the year in Rage Select would be complete without the return of the DANCEMAGEDDON in Just Dance 2022 with EVERYONE!

Thanks for taking a look back at some of our greatest videos from 2021 starring Jeff and friends and be sure to join us right here all this week for the best videos Rage Select of 2021!


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