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The Best of Rage Select 2021 - Part Two

It's Day Two of The Best of Rage Select 2021 and today the spotlight falls on everyone's favorite cosplayer and fiber artist, one Tessa Morrison!

First up, it takes a village to scare the ever loving bejeezus out of Tessa and Jeff, a Resident Evil Village that is!

Next, Tessa and Jeff are trying to plan the perfect MURDER and failing miserably as they sass EVERYONE IN SIGHT in Overboard!

After that, Tessa and Jeff are giving the word "cooperation" a whole new meaning as they struggle to do LITERALLY ANYTHING in Heavenly Bodies!

From there, Tessa and Jeff are learning when to hold 'em and when to RUN SCREAMING INTO THE NIGHT IN TERROR as they check out the utter insanity of Inscryption!

Finally, Tessa and Jeff are redefining the already dubious definition of "SCAREOUSED" as they check in on the horny wackos that populate Lust From Beyond!

Thanks for taking a look back at some of our greatest videos from 2021 starring Tessa Morrison and be sure to join us right here all this week for the best videos Rage Select of 2021!


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