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The Best of Rage Select 2023 - Part Three

Day Three of The Best of RS 2023 and is COMING AT YA and today we're taking a look at the best videos from Rage Select newcomer Blake Salisbury's first year on the site!

First up, Blake and Jeff are brought to you by the letter M for MURDER, MAYHEM, and MANIACAL MUPPETS as they check out the insane world of My Friendly Neighborhood!

Next, war might be hell, but Blake and Jeff are about to stumble onto something EVEN WORSE as they get locked in the dark with... the terror that is Amnesia: The Bunker!

From there, Blake and Jeff are learning the TRUE MEANING of arachnophobia as they attempt to survive the maudlin, monchoromatic world of LIMBO!

After that, it's lions, and tigers, and bears... AND SO MUCH MORE as Blake and Jeff check out the absolutely unhinged world of KarmaZoo!

Last, but certainly not least, Blake and Jeff are celebrating the holiday season with a stocking full of TOTAL ASS KICKINGS as they take a look at the demo for Tekken 8!

Thanks for taking a look back at some of our greatest videos from 2023 starring Blake Salisbury and be sure to join us right here all this week for the best videos Rage Select of 2023!

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